What Marketing Needs and What Finance Wants

Improving Market Effectiveness

When analytics professionals think about improving marketing ROI, they usually focus on optimization algorithms and marketing technology. 

At Quantum Sight, we see improving marketing effectiveness as the real goal, which means taking a holistic approach that includes brand, insights, strategy, customer experience, technology and algorithms. 

Our approach has 4 key benefits:

1. Recommendations that grow sales and build brand value.

2. Achieves short-term growth and long-term loyalty.  

3. Business cases and projections that are financially justifiable.

4. A data-driven growth story that impresses the full C-suite. 

Ideas in Action

Fortune 500 Insurance Company has leveraged Quantum Sight to drive over 200% improvement in marketing outcomes. 

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“Quantum Sight has its fingerprints all over our marketing effectiveness journey. We have seen significantly improved metrics and have a great story to tell the rest of our organization. “