Our Typical Engagement


We use data to tell your story.

For us, customer data can be like a novel full of characters, events, motivations and passions, except the story is real. We use data to tell your story, which will help you understand your business at human level.


We help you create solutions.

After we help you uncover critical insights, we help you design strategies and solutions that allow you to leverage data at the human level and socialize them within your organization.


We stay engaged.

We believe in what we recommend. This means we will roll up our sleeves to help you manage, measure, and analyze the impact of new solutions. For us, Data Driven | Human Focused growth is a journey, not a destination.

Why We Chose the Name Quantum Sight


 For hundreds of years, physicists relied on classical mechanics (think Newton) to help explain the observable world, but it was just an approximation.



 That is, until the field of Quantum Mechanics demonstrated that our physical world is really driven by laws established at atomic and sub-atomic levels. 



 At Quantum Sight, we see data points as the fundamental starting point for big ideas. By digging deep, we see broader insights and bigger opportunities.  Any other way is just an approximation. 


Some of the Clients We Serve


Quantum Sight Advisors

Shiv Gupta

Shiv Gupta, Quantum Sight CEO

Quantum Sight CEO

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Ellen Stokes


Brand and Marketing Strategy

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Blue Crump


Human Centered Design

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